{H} Family...seriously some of the cutest little boys EVER!!!

I am not "up and running" the biz just yet;-) But I can never resist the opportunity to take my family's pictures. It has been soooo long since I have done any shoots, so i was super excited when family {H} came to town and I could capture their cuteness. They are a seriously cute family and I love them!
These 3 little boys, OH MY heartbreakers for sure. :-)

Thanks {B} & {K} for giving me this opportunity, and thanks for your patience in waiting for these to be ready.

You have a BEAUTIFUL family!


Baby {E} the sweetest of all......

This past August we welcomed our third child......
She is so very sweet, lovely and SIMPLY perfect.
We LOVE her!
Yay for another Red Headed Beauty!

2 weeks old

I needed to take these....since its my last

Because this will be my last pregnancy, I wanted to get some maternity pix done. My sweet sister in law helped me out with these, THANK YOU CHERIE!!  It really is a hard thing to edit these pix, because unfortunately I do not have a "remove extra weight gain tool"! lol!
Oh well, it is what it is! lol!
I am so grateful to have had this opportunity to be a mother again. I look forward to the next few weeks...our baby could come than.
Thank you to all of my clients who have been so sweet and understanding for my reasons to take a break from photography.
I look so much forward to these next couple of years, where I can just focus on being a Mama, and taking pix for fun.
Thanks all...wish me luck:-)

Sweet Baby {L}...5 days young....{my nephew}

I am a very proud Aunt sharing this photo session:-) Little baby {L} had these taken when he was just 5 days young. Such a darling little sweet heart! He just melts my heart.
He actually reminds me a lot of my sweet little boy when he was just a newborn. 

Mama {K} & Daddy {J},
hope you enjoy these....

Little {L} is such a blessing to our family!


My sweet sister {K}...

 yes I am 8 months pregnant:-)
 Yes, I took these pix. No, this is not me.
{No, I am not accepting bookings, but this one is for my baby sister who will be having my nephew just a few weeks before my sweet baby girl is due....}
I promised to take her maternity pix....
and here they are....
Sister {K} I LOVE YOU!! I am so excited for this new journey you will be taking. Your baby boy will teach you more about yourself than you knew possible....
I hope you like these...
Jeg elsker dig!!:-)


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